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Geeske and Labrador Puppies

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Bay Area Leonberger
=> Frieda v. Alpensee
=> Brigitta Annabelle of Mandy's Lair
=> Einstein v. Reinkenhof
 Argon and A True Blue Leo v. Paradiestal
US Leonberger
=> v. Stutensee Kennel
=> Willie and Cienna
=> Ivan
Swiss Leonberger
=> Anita Zwinger v. Leoneck
=> Beryll
=> Dunja
=> Dolce
German Leonberger
Finnish Leonberger
=> Lutra
=> Bessie
=> Namupalan Kennel
Other Skandinavian Leos
BeNeLux Countries
=> van 't Laurierenhof Kennel


About the Leonberger breed in general, the Leonberger dog community in the USA, health, and breeding issues.

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