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The LeoExpress is the equivalent of the LeoLetter in Switzerland. A great quarterly publication, with stories, info (imagine, all the judges comments of the Swiss annual specialty are printed in the magazine - what a treat!!!) and pictures. Katharina Walder does a great job of editing the publication and she is a very talented photographer. Yoshka made it, in written and picture form, into a couple of issues himself (I know I am bragging.... ;-)


The two Swiss Leonberger kennels I am closest to are v. Eichbüel and v. Leoneck - the pictures below are of dogs from those two kennels

Anita Treichler, who welcomed me into her home, introduced me to the Swiss Leonberger World and shared her Leonbergers with me
Beryll-Atina v. Leoneck
Dunja-Beratina v. Leoneck
Free Fire-Lion Lady of Pelgrims Ring aka Inemine
Dolce-Amor v. Leoneck (Dunja's brother)
Craico Kimbo v. Eichbüel a great dog that said Good Bye with over 12 years of age....
Bajtas Schlawiner v. Rosenteich, my friend Katharina's boy
Jimena-Urbana v. Rötelbach - Winners Puppy Bitch Swiss Specialty 2000 and winner of the open class in Leonberg 2000 - with Katharina's mother (...and of course Demia's mother ;-)
Bajtas and his half sister Jimena - a beautiful picture by Käthi

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