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Because many males are being neutered at an early age, we only have a relatively small number of potential studs available in the US. One way of increasing the number of studs in general, as well as giving me as a breeder more choices in selecting a suitable stud, is to co-own males. Fortunately I have friends that are willing to "share" an intact male with me and so I came to co-own a small pack of male Leonbergers:

A German boy with Norwegian Father is the newest kid on the block. Xerox is a very cute and fluffy puppy right now. Hopefully he will grow up to become a daddy ;-)).

It all started with Audubon, originally I tried to find a male for Missy and Mike in Europe but we ended up to get a promising puppy from Seattle......

Then there came Buca; Nancy needed a friend for Tucker and I agreed the breeding of the F-litter from the von Drevas kennel might be interesting....
I was hoping to bring back a female from Finland for me, instead I found a male for Janeen and Mark - Loki, a little/big Finnish pearl.....
D’Artagnan joined the three musketeers (actually his name is Auster Lion de la Toison d'Or).
Einstein does not really belong here because I do not co-own him -but he is almost one of my boys....

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