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Lion de la Toison d'Or

Sire: Trotzky Lion de la Toison d'Or
Dam: Baron Chaloupecke Skalky
DOB: 11. Aug. 2001
This is Auster, the fourth addition to my "collection" of co-owned males. He came from Belgium in a rather advantures travel but was unfaced and settled right into his new family of Renee and her gang. Unfortunately, Auster has severe Hip Dysplasia. Renee and her family take exceptional care of the boy and I hope he will live a long, happy life. This makes it four out of four boys being non-breedable for me - my luck just has to change sometime ;-)
Renee loves to work with her dogs and it looks like Auster has already started with a mission himself - teach small children puppies are cute....
Auster at three month - a side view
Auster lives with a Shepard and a Golden Retriever...
Auster about 10 month

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