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Looking for the right Leonberger puppy starts and ends with looking for the right Leonberger breeder. You need to make sure that you find a breeder you feel comfortable with, that you trust. You should agree on critical questions, and you need to be able to rely on the breeder for the rest of your puppies life.

Below are some resources that might help you find the right Leonberger breeder for yourself.

Are you sure that the Leonberger is the right breed for you? You might read this page to make sure.

Once you are sure the Leonberger is the right breed for you -- become involved and be patient! Become a member of the LCA, talk to as many people as possible (LCA breeders and non breeders), meet as many Leonbergers as possible in person.

In this "Puppy Seeker" article I tried to give some guidelines that might be helpful. I also added little more about my personal approach to breeding.

Everybody who is looking for a puppy should read this information from the Humane society. There is also a page on buying a puppy!

Border Collie Rescue has a great page on "How to choose a Breeder", please read it carefully!
Another article on how to find a puppy written by a Great Dane breeder... and another one about asking hard questions!
Long-distance buying has become routine, a Border Collie Breeder talks about it. Please, never buy long distance from someone you do not have independent information on.
First and foremost, be patient when it comes to find the right breeder and the right puppy - it will pay off!

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