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I realize that the slogan "we need to protect and improve the breed" has basically lost its power because everybody seems to use it, not always in a sincere manner. Nevertheless, to me it still holds meaning and a cause worth working for.

Below I collected articles (a couple I wrote myself) and links to articles concerning breeding philosophies, issues that are discussed in the dog world etc. that I found informative, thought provoking and worthwile spending some time with.

GDC interview with Malcolm B. Willis, BSc., PhD:
"The basic tool kit for responsible breeders"

An article I wrote on how I see the role of a breed club (in this case the LCA) serving breeders as well as puppy buyers. This article was published in the Leoletter (LCA quarterly membership publication) in 2001

Successful population management of dog breeds often is hampered by the phenomenon of the "Popular Stud Syndrom". I wrote an article on how to responsibly manage your stud. The same subject is covered by C.A. Sharp, a well known dog fancier.

I found a great site on animal genetics, definitely worth taking a look at! Take your time to read the articles, VERY well written and increadably informative!
C.A. Sharp founded the Australian Shepherd Health & Genetics Institute. Their webpage is very informaitve and I especially recommend her article on breeders ethics.
Whenever genetic issues crop up in a litter, breeders ask the question should I breed my dog again - here is a decision tree I drafted that might help with the answer
Kelly Fox, a past president of the Irish Wolfhound Club of America, published in a 1981 issue of Harp & Hound Magazine an article on temperaments in dogs that blew me away - a must read!!
I am working on an article why it is important to get a puppy from a good (!) LCA breeder when buying in North America, even if one has to wait longer - the potential pitfalls of the instant puppy from a non LCA breeder
Rhonda Hovan wrote an article published on the OFA website on how to use phenotypic data in minimizing diseases - very interesting!
I do not believe in inbreeding, even close linebreeding. Mainly because the breeder is taking increased risks on health issues but the puppy buyers have to live with the results. C.A. Sharp, again, wrote an interesting article on the downside of inbreeding and why incest is not best.

For those of you who are interested about the larger picture of genetic diversity in dog breeds, management of genetic diseases, etc. the Canine Diversity Project web site is a great place to start.

I also have recommendations for a physical library ranging from books for puppy buyers, dog owners in general, thinking of becoming a breeder, general genetics and more specific genetics..... As with all books, I do not necessarily agree with every thing in them but these are worth looking at [under construction....]

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