Come on, this is interesting stuff, do not fall asleep!

Ian Dunbar I like his way to puppy training and would recommend looking into his training books and videos when you are a first time puppy buyer or want to learn more.

Jean Donaldson
The Cultrue Clash

A great book to make us realize that dogs are not just another breed of people

Patricia J. Wilkie
Future Dog Breeding for Genetic Soundness

This booklet is published by teh Canine Health Foundation and a good starter to get aquainted to canine genetics.

George A. Padgett
Control of Canine Genetic Diseases

The next step up for Canine genetics, simplified by it has important basics in it

Malcolm B. Willis
Genetics of the Dog

The all time classic, I read it cover to cover but do not expect every one to do so. It is very good to have as a reference book.

Pat Hastings
tricks of the trade

Lots of good info, I really like her approach to puppy evaluation. Definitely worth for a wanna be breeder.
Rachel Page Elliott
The New Dogsteps
A great book on motion in dogs

E.M. Gilbert Jr. & T.R. Brown
K9 Structure & Terminology

One of my all time favorites - what a wealth of information. I really like this book!

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