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Yoshka and I at Lake Elizabeth in Fremont on Thanksgiving weekend 2000

- it looks much more rual and remote than it actually is ;-)


One of my favorite picture of Yoshka and me taken at a long weekend in the mountains when he was approximately 14 months old.

My favorite picture of Yoshka and Urs, with only two flaws. It looks like as if my husband has a kink in his neck and my dog is overbuilt in the rear... both of which are not true in reality ;-)
We managed to get all three of us at the same time, two "pack" pictures

Look, Yoshka, there is a whole wide world out there for us to explore....

Dogs have been my passion from childhood. As a pre-teen I made an index card for every FCI breed, wrote to breed clubs for information and memorized a breed for every letter in the alphabet - ever heard of: Xoloitzcuintle??!! My passion has always been large dogs. When I turned 11years old, my family acquired a Hovawart/Rottweiler Mix (large, but not quite large enough for my taste ;-). Haik became my best friend, I joined the German Shepherd club and did obedience with her, took her on bike rides and played with her in the fields and forest around my home town. During my university years I had to restrict my passion to dog sitting for friends. Most importantly Kobi, a beautiful, very sweet large mutt, relieved me often, over his seven year life span, from attacts of CWS (canine withdrawal syndrom :-).

From childhood, Newfoundlands, Irish Wolfshounds, and Leonbergers have been my favorite breeds. Sometime in 1994 I became aware that there are indeed Leonbergers in the US - two puppies appeared in my neighborhood. I joined the leolist, got in contact with local breeders, joined the LCA, became a nanny to Teddy and finally was able to get my first very own "wittle weo".The last few of years I spent lots of time researching the Leonberger breed, its history and standard. In addition I read about canine diseases, population genetics, breeding strategies etc. I am hoping for a typy, healthy female, with a great temperament (together with all the other wannabe breeders ;-) to finally become a breeder myself. If you are interested in what my personal motivation and breeding philosophy are click here. Here are my future breeding plans. Otherwise go to the picture sites, they are more fun anyway ;-)


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