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"The Leonberger is a strong muscular, yet elegant dog. He is distinguished by his balanced body type and confident calmness, yet lively temperament. Males, in particular, are powerful and strong."
Leonberger FCI Standard



A brief introduction to the Leonberger breed.
In order to figure out whether the Leonberger is the right breed to you, read these facts and drawbacks of the dogs
The Health, Research and Education Committee of the LCA (HREC) and the Breeding Committee (BC) are the cornerstones in the commitment to protect, preserve, and further the Leonberger breed. The HREC has its webpage under the name LeoWatch and the BC is still working on its web-pages.
Being very interested in breeding philosophies, population genetics, breed management etc. I collected a library of articles covering all kinds of subjects for breeders and fanciers alike
The LCA Community established Leonberger Rescue, and the Leonberger Health Foundation (website pending).
A list of Leonberger related publications.
The Leonberger Link page gives you links to the homepages of the national breed clubs all over the world as well as some other interesting Leonberger related sites.

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