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The search for my foundation bitch has not been easy - one aspect of becoming a breeder is luck and I have not had too much of it....
I am still hopeful and patient that one day I will have my very own A-litter ex Horto Leonis.

Co-owning a female is much more complicated than co-owning a male. I would only do it with good friends, only if I can keep up a close relationship with the female and a very flexible timeplan for having a litter or two. I have done it with Basie who was very close to me and now with Demia. Demia lives with a great family 20 min. from me, I see her at least once a week and we will keep close contact. Finn is another co-owned female and she lives only 5 min. from me and I go by often and she comes to stay with me frequently.

I went to get Finn from Finland.....

I brought Demia with me from Switzerland. She passed all her health test and the BACL!

Basie was my first hope. I provided doggy day care for her in exchange for breeding rights....
Lutra was supposed to come from Finland but I decided against her - I do regret it now ;-)

I waited for Yenta for 14 month - I could not take her for breeding to the US - what a disapointment


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