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Do not tell Yoshka, but this might be my favorite picture of me and a Leonberger.


Loki and me at Temple Farm - click on it and you will see the sequence of Loki Love ;-)






Changes posted in March 2005:


We bred Demia to Yoshka in February and she is pregnant. The puppies will be born in early April.


Changes posted in October 2004:


Demia passed all her health tests and the BACL. Now we can seriously plan a litter for 2004.

Finn cam over from Finnland as a potential breeding female. We have to wait and see how she will develop in the future

Xerox v. Löwengarten joined the group of co-owned males. Unfortunately he is also unbreedable because of missing teeth.

Changes posted in November 2003:

I mainly added more pictures of Demia who is becoming a young lady ;-)

Einstein became a Daddy and I took some pictures of his litter

Demia still is the sweet, confident girl she was as a puppy. She is enjoying life to its fullest
Yoshka earned his CDX title (passed three Open trials to become a Companion Dog Excellent) and therefore also is now a Versitile Leonberger Advanced (VLA)


Changes posted in May 2003:

I cleaned up the site a little and added some more random pictures....

I have a new selfmade Kennel Logo - Yoshka, Basie, and Demia were my models...  I am surprised myself that I could do a drawing like that ;-)

Demia is growing and there are a couple more pictures of her
Yoshka did very well at the 2003 LCA National Specialty in Healdsburg, CA


Changes posted in January 2003:

I changed the whole layout of the web page, deviding it into more general Leonberger stuff and kennel specific stuff. Lots of articles and links about Leonberger, health, breeding, looking for a puppy etc.

On the kennel site, Demia joined us from Switzerland, Loki got a bunch more pictures, so does Yoshka and the Beach Gang.
Go browse!

You are looking for a puppy, here are some things you might keep in mind.....
I started a library with all kinds of articles for breeders and Leonberger fanciers

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