A successful Open Trial for Yoshka at an ASCA show
How about some attention for me?!
Ooohhh, there is definitely some lagging going on.....



Figure Eight:

Crowding but who cares, I got my attention ;-)

Nice down on recall..        
...and I do like that front!

O.K. I will throw that dumbell....


..you will go and get it.....



...and bring it to me. Good Boy!!


And the same thing now over the high jump!


...yes, take that dumbell....


...and come back!


Now there is the broad jump, our long time problem...


Nice jump, ma boy!!!


Beautiful front - I am soooo happy with you!


I cannot believe it - we survived the long sit and down and actually did it!!! This was Yoshka's second leg and the next day he finished his CDX!

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