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Xerox v. Löwengarten

Sire: Skjaergaardens Harley Fat Boy
Dam: CH Odessa v. Löwengarten
DOB: January 7th 2004

Xerox travelt over the Atlantic to live in Texas - of all places ;-). He has company of a pack of female Leos - sounds like heaven to me. Waltraut with the "Zwinger v. Stutensee" and I are hoping that he will develop into a healthy, friendly, and handsome Leo. Please keep your fingers crossed that my streak of bad luck in terms of breedable stud-dogs ends with Xerox.

Well, apparently my bad luck with breedable males continues..... The tooth fairy was even less generous with Xerox than with Audubon..... Fortunately Waltraut is very much in love with this boy so he will stay where he is and enjoy his pack just without procreation. Sure feels like I am jinxed and my bad luck passes on to others :-((




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