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The best resource when it comes to health in the Leonberger is the homepage of the LCA Health, Research, and Education Committee called LeoWatch. In addition I listed a few interesting sites below because to me, health is right after temperament the most important issue in dog breeding.


Polyneuropathy is a horrible disease fairly recently discovered in the Leonberger. First we were pretty sure it is X-linked, now there have been new evidence that makes it less likely.  One should keep both, the father and mother line in mind when considering this disease until we know more.

The most common eye/eyelid issues in the Leonberger are entropion and ectropion
As in many breeds, we also have Cataracts in the Leonberger, read more about it here....
C.A. Sharp is a well known Aussie fancier and canine health advocate. She founded the Australian Shepherd Health & Genetics Institute. Great site for information!
A nice site for general health info on dogs.
An Excellent resorce of articles on several diseases provided by the Bearded Collie Foundation for Health. A must go if you want to learn more about canine health
An article concerning Hip Registries, goes into great detail but worth reading
Heads up when it comes to health issues!!

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