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About us: The LCA-Leonberger Kennel "ex Horto Leonis" (latin for "from the Garden of Lions"), is run by Geeske Joel, a native of Germany, with the moral and logistic support of her Swiss husband Urs. We are proud members of the Leonberger Club of America (LCA). We have lived in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1988 and fully acclimated to the California lifestyle and weather. After finishing my Ph.D. in biology I decided to concentrate primarily on dogs, including learning more about population genetics, population breeding techniques, canine diseases, teaching puppy classes, obedience training, breeding....
Billy the Hund vom Pflaumenthal: called "Yoshka", is the king of the "Horto Leonis" hill (at least in his mind). Yoshka is a dog with a real dog attitude - perfect for me. He is very confident, proud, and attentive. He loves to work, is very strong, athletic, healthy (knock on wood!), and sound. He is a nice mover and has a beautiful coat. He also is a true working dog although retired now. Most of the pictures of this side are of him, must be because he loves to pose....
The Girls: Up to now I had not been very lucky with my Leonberger girls. For one reason or another, I decided not to take/breed three different females. This changed with Demia v. Eichbüel and we had our first litter in April 2005.
The Boys: There are only so many dogs one can own and care for - so in order to increase the number of potential studs not only for me but also others to use, I arranged co-ownership with a couple of friends. It is a perfect way of potentially keeping dogs in the genepool without having them to re-home if they are not breedable - a win-win situation.

Puppies: Wanting to breed requires a lot of patience and sometimes requires tough decisions. Because I have not been very lucky with the bredability of my dogs, I am still waiting for my first own litter. Since Demia has passed all health requirements and has no disqualifying faults I finally can start my breeding progam. The A-litter exHorto Leonis was born on April 1st 2005, two very sweet girls.
I do have a special scheme for naming my puppies so we now have Alcea Nala and Arnica Anniea ex Horto Leonis. Pictures will follow in the future -- I am just too busy right now. I also have some general info and suggestions if your are looking for a puppy and how to find a puppy.

Photo Gallery: Here you will find many, many pictures of Leonbergers from the Bay Area and all over the world. These are either dogs I know personally, have briefly met at shows I visited, or are players in the general picture of the breed.
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The Leonberger breed is safeguarded by the Leonberger Club of America in the US. We are members of the LCA and support their long standing effort to protect the Leonberger breed. The old LeoWorld link is a gateway to different Leonberger sites.
Acknowledgments: Most of the artwork used on this home page, besides the kennel logo, is provided by Tatjana Rogman and several of the photographs not taken by me are from Katharina Walder, Nancy Abel, PJ Stalteri and other friends. Please respect the copyrights of the owners and do not copy any image without permission.

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