Naming the puppies: Having had lots of time to think about dog names, I have come up with a particular system. With my kennel name being "ex Horto Leonis" (latin for: "from the garden of lions") I wanted the puppy names to match. So I extended my latin theme and will give each puppy the botanical (latin) name of a plant (i.e. the puppies "grew" in the garden of lions ;-).

Botanical plant names are composed of at least two words, first the genus name (e.g. Arnica, Azolla, Atriplex, Acer etc) and then the particular species name. For my puppies I will use established genus names and add the call names, the puppy buyers decide on, in a latinized form (e.g. Arnica fridaea - for Frida; Atriplex dunceni - for Duncan; Azolla mollieae - for Mollie; Arbutus frazeri for Frazer etc.). Convention says a male species addition has to end in an "i" and a female one in an "ae". I will just see how it sounds or otherwise I will just use the name as is (e.g. Anthriscus boomer - for Boomer). I will use "male" sounding genus names ending in -us, -um, -o, -x, -er and -is for boy puppies and female endings in -a (e.g. Arnica. Azolla etc.) for girl puppies. This way, someone looking at the pettigree name can associate it with the call name right away. Nobody, for example, would know Billy the Hund is Yoshka and only a Jazz fan might associate Baronessa with Basie (i.e. Count Basie - Baronessa Basie).