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vom Eichbüel

Sire: CH T'Gizmo Lion de la Toison d'Or
Dam: CH Jimena Urbana v. Rötelbach
DOB: 24. August 2002

Demia came with me from Switzerland by plane. Her breeder (v. Eichbüel) is a very good friend of mine and I have known Demia's mother since she was 8 weeks old. I was lucky enough to spent a lot of time with Demia's litter (from 4.5 weeks to 10.5 weeks old). She has an increadibly sweet temperament. If all goes well, Demia will be the mother of my A-litter.

Update: Demia passed all her health exam and the BACL (Cat. I, Very Good). We are planing to breed her to Yoshka in February

As soon as we have more info on the breeding progress, I will post it.....

Demia's vital statistics in reference to health and confirmation....

Demia won best Youth Bitch at the Fall Specialty in Colusa and Elyse showed her in PeeWee Class

Demia, 14 month old. Her siblings in Switzerland were evaluated at this age, she could only send her picture ;-))

Demia is a Water Dog par excellence - she just looooves the water!!

The coast is one of the best places to take the dogs to take pictures - a beautiful head shot of Demia and Baker.....

Demia is 10 month old and developing quite nicely (several pictures, so be patient while loading ;-)

Demia at her first show, the LCA 2003 National Specialty in Sonoma County
Demia at almost six month and with her class mates....
Demia and her Bernese "brother" Baker
Demia at 3 month old puppy growing up in California
Just arrived in the US - she did great traveling!
Pictures of Demia and her litter mates in Switzerland
Demia with 8 Weeks side view and sitting front
Demia only days old, nicknamed the Hippopotamus.
Susan with the 10 month old Demia
Susan with Demia at 10 month

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