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Demia vom Eichbüel

Sire: CH T'Gizmo Lion de la Toison d'Or
Dam: CH Jimena Urbana v. Rötelbach
DOB: 24. August 2002

BACL: Category I - Very Good  
Height: 27.5 in. at wither and hips
Weight: 104 lbs. at 24 month
Hip Ratings:
OFA Good
Elbows: Clear
Cerf: passed, 2004
OFA Thyroid: normal, 2004
Temperament: friendly and outgoing
Bite: strong teeth, scissor bite, complete
Bone: medium
Movement: very nice side movent, a little narrow in the rear
Coat: could be longer but nice color and texture
Eyes: almond shape, medium brown

Demia is a very nice female with a beautiful head - my ideal female head. She has good size and an excellent top and body line but needs to get a little broader in her fore-chest. She could use a little more bone, which visually is exentuated by having a rather short coat. Her rear angulation is excellent but she could use a little more shoulder lay-back.

Next to her head and expression, Demia's biggest asset is her temperament. To me, she has the ideal Leonberger personality of happy, outgoing and ready to go but also is easily capable of settling down when required.

Except for one brother, all of Demia's siblings (six total) are hip x-rayed and HD-free. For more information on her litter, please click here.

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