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I spent lots of time with the D-litter v. Eichbüel from when they were 4.5 weeks old until they went to their new homes at about 10 weeks of age. It taught me that if you really want to do a good job raising a litter, you basically cannot do it by yourself. When not cleaning up, preparing food or feeding, one is busy playing, cuddling, walking on a leach, training (all eight of them knew to sit and wait for a treat before they went to their new homes), taking pictures, talking to new owners and visitors. They were socialized with adults and children. Between the last cleanup and the first feeding in the morning there was not much time to sleep.

Enjoy the pictures and remember: Do not attempt this at home - unless you have the right facilities, you have 8-10 weeks time for a full time job, you have help and you are fully aware of all the consequences ;-).


When I first met the bunch, they were almost 5 weeks old and I stayed three days with them. In all pictures, the puppy with the red ribbon is Demia.

I came back at six weeks of age for an afternoon.
Not seeing the pups for 2 weeks was hard. Fortunately I got to stay a few days between eight and nine weeks.
  There are pictures at eight weeks of every puppy individually in a side stand and a front sit. I was "handling" the pupies with a piece of cheese and patience while Katharina took the pictures - the nicest set of staged pictures I have ever seen of a litter. The pictures can be found on Katharinas site.
I spent the last few days with them before they went to their new homes
The D-litter vom Eichbüel digging in....

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