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Finn Ragazza

Sire: CH Bobby Ensson Bohemia
Dam: Namupalan Titi Nalle
DOB: 8. June 2004

Finn is a niece of Loki from the Namupalan Kennel in Finland. I am very familiar with her mothers line. When I went to pick her up, I not only saw her mother but an aunt, an great-uncle, cousins, her grandmother and her great-grandmother. The last time I saw her grandfather on the father side, he won the Ehrenklasse in Leonberg as a nine year old veteran with stiff competition!! He recently died with 10.5 years of age. I sure hope she will live a long healthy life like her relatives.

Demia won best Youth Bitch at the Fall Specialty in Colusa and Elyse showed her in PeeWee Class



Still in Finland a couple of pictures.....

Mum and pups
Finn in Helsinki at the airport ready to go..
Susan with Demia at 10 month

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