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vom Pflaumenthal


Sire: A Bär vom Pflaumenthal
Dam: Bianka vom Nagoldtal
DOB: 23. October 1997

Basie is Yoshka's beloved litter mate. They have been playing together all their life and developed a very special relationship. Basie looks up to her "BIG" brother, keeps him playfull and keeps his ears clean.

Basie is truly a "Turbo Burger" with lots of energy, very athletic, loves to run and play with all kind of dogs. In fact, I never seen her not to like another dog. Everybody gets pocked in their side as a invitation to play.

Basie is also an excellent representative of the breed, having sucessfully shown in several local shows, including taking Best of Opposite as a nine month old at a mini specialty in Felton and as a 24 month old at the Regional Specialty in Caluso, 1999 with her brother Yoshka taking BOB. Basie was always a little wary of strangers, especially men. I decided not to breed her because she did not quite have the perfect Leonberger temperament I think is so important. Just for fun I included the vital statistics of Basie.


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