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My idea of heaven! Being swamped by a bunch of puppies with lots of licks.


I wanted to become a dog breeder for as long as I can remember but circumstances did not even allow me to own a dog for the longest time. Now that I am in a position to take on the responsibilities of dog breeding I am as prepared as I can get - at least on the theoretical side of things.....

The last couple of years I spent lots of time researching the Leonberger breed, its history and standard. I read every available publication on the Leonberger in German and English, including German newspaper and magazine articles from the 1800th and early 1900th. I translated the whole collection of old documents for an upcoming book on the Leonberger by Caroline Isberg, former president of the LCA. In addition, I educated myself about population genetics, population management, canine diseases, and practical breeding techniques. In the meantime I became a member of the Health, Research and Education Committee as well as the Breeding Committee of the LCA. For me the health of the dogs hand in hand with their temperament is the most important responsibility of the breeder and the breed club.

During a mandatory 5 month stay in Europe in 1999/2000 I was fortunate to meet with many European breeders, visit many shows, I participated in litter evaluations, breeding acceptability tests, judges seminars and breeders seminars. In addition, I met with a couple researchers interested in population genetics, canine diseases and management techniques of breeds. I am in close contact with the Swiss Leonberger Club, frequently going back to take advantage of their events in form of seminars, exams, and shows.

I do not take breeding lightly. I strongly believe in breeding regulations as a way to make sure health concerns are addressed, breeding the desired temperament is achieved and the type of a breed described by the standard is preserved. Breeding regulations alone do NOT make a good breeder. There are many judgement calls that a breeder has to do according to their own concience. To me the overall soundness of the dogs (mental and physical) is the goal I am aiming for. This is not an easy task and I know there will be road blocks and set backs on the way as well as hard decisions to make in the future. Nevertheless, with my theoretical background established over the last few years, I hope to fulfill my childhood dream as soon as I find the right female to start a mentally and physically sound line.


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