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I was hoping to breed Basie. It did not work out and after doing a lot of soul searching, weighing options, possibilities, looking at the whole situation etc. I changed my mind and decided to not try it again with her. Then I waited 14 month for Yenta only to find out I could not breed with her. Now I hope that Demia will grow up to become my foundation bitch, but we have to wait until she is at least two years old (Fall 2004). So, no puppies in the near future - sad - but I believe it is worth waiting for. I do have a special scheme for naming my puppies but it will be awhile till Arthemisia yalaea ex Horto Leonis will be born...

Besides having helped with Demia's litter, I have been involved in two Labrador litters raised by a friend of mine. It gives me some experience and a just born puppy fix. Here are a couple of pictures.

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