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Sire: Kinglords Mr. De-Sevres
Dam: Galevala Juurakon Hulda
DOB: 3. August 2000


This is Lutra's cousin Loki at 8 month. Loki lives with Janeen, Mark, Zorro and Roo. I saw Loki first with 6 weeks still living with his mother, half sister and two other dogs at his breeder at the kennel Namupalan. He is an easy going guy and was holding a lot of promise. His mother is a sister to Lutra's father. Loki arrived from Finland the 13th of October - Zorro now has a new best friend and Janeen is in love......

The pictures were taken at the 2001 specialty were I saw Loki again. He is indeed a very sweet pupster and to my delight liked me a lot.

One of Loki's sisters, Namupalan Finnish Saphire "Ranja", is living with my friend Kaj in Finland. I also have one picture of a brother of Loki, his name is Tepu.


Unfortunately Loki did not yell loud enough "I only got one" when testicles were distributed to all males and like Audubon, he will spend his life living as a pet in a loving family. Unfortunately he also has Hip Dysplasia but Janeen keeps him trim and exercised.

All of this has been a somewhat difficult learning experience for me - but Loki does not know what he is missing ;-)


I saw Loki again in April 2002 in Williamsburg at our National Specialty. If I had not experienced it myself, I might not have believed it. He recognized me after a year, gave me a VERY happy, noisy, honking like a seal greeting. There is nothing better in the world!!

Loki did not get his first Novice leg at the Specialty but he did do well in the Confirmation ring. He took third in the neutered class, not bad for a 20month old. It was a joy to show him!



Another specialty, another successful weekend for Loki!
This is my absolutely favorite set of pictures of me with a Leonberger - mind you it is not with Yoshka but with Loki. (it is a bigger file so be patient!)
This time I only had to wait 5 month to see Loki again, it was HIS weekend at the Great Lake Regional Specialty Sept. 2002
National Specialty in Williamsburg, April 2002. Loki is a 20 month old very sweet and handsome boy
A very handsome at one year old......
Zorro, Loki's big brother took to him right away......
Loki's first weekend in the US.....
Loki with 10 weeks still in Finland

Pictures of my Finland visit

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