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VL Mountain Vista's
Audubon, CD, WRD

Sire: CH Beauregard von Alpensee
Dam: CH Berljon Magica Mandel
DOB: 22. May 1999

Audubon belongs to Missy and Mike, with me originally owning his breeding rights. He is a very sweet, enthusiastic, happy goofball. Missy is working with him in obedience and water rescue. The tooth-fairy was not generous to Audubon, so he will enjoy his life as a companion and pet with Missy and Mike.

Audubon with Missy at the first vet visit after comming home from the breeder.

Audubon in New Orleans in front of the zoo he was named after....
Audubon at about 11 month old sitting in Jeannies back yard.
Audubon just over two years old with his Newf friends.....
Missy and I are trying to get the boys to the beach once a week - so we got quite a few beach pictures
Leonberger at Play: Audubon and Einstein go at it.....
Adubon passed his senior water test and is now a Water Rescue Dog

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