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VLA Ch. Billy the Hund vom Pflaumenthal, CDX

I started working with Yoshka basically from the moment he moved into our house. We attended puppy class with 12 weeks were we learned "watch me", sit, down, stand and most importantly "Stay". In the intermediate class with 5 month, we worked on heeling, handsignals from the distance, random downs - even on recall. Since then we have been attending the Novice class and Open Class to it after earning the CD.

Yoshka has always been a good student and I love to work with him. But, he is no Golden Retriever or Border Collie and he is intact! Our biggest challenge has been distractions - especially other Leonbergers. Life is never dull in obedience - see stories on the Leonberger Specialties.

On the first page linked below, there are pictures from a private fun match (4 Leonbergers attending), Yoshka and me going through the Novice routine. He has passed four Novice trials, earning the LCA CD and his Australian Shepard Club of America CD.

The second page includes pictures from a practice session working on our Open routine - In the mean time he finished his CDX (companion dog excellent - i.e. passed three Open trials in five tries) earning the LCA CDX and is one leg short of his ASCA CDX. By having his Champion title and a second level obedience title, he received his LCA VLA (Versatile Leonberger Advanced).

The third page is a whole set of pictures from one of the ASCA trials in June 2003 when Yoshka got his second and third leg toward his CDX. A very friendly "competitor" took the pictures (and I do not even know his name to give him credit).

You might need to give it some time to download these but I think you will enjoy them:


The Working Team - Novice for the
Companion Dog Title

The Working Team - Open Practice for the
Companion Dog eXcellent Title

The Working Team - Actual Open Trial
at an ASCA show

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