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CH VLA Billy the Hund
vom Pflaumenthal CDX

Sire: A Bär vom Pflaumenthal
Dam: Bianka vom Nagoldtal
DOB: 23. October 1997

Head Shot

Shot of the Hind Quarters

Straight shot of the front Side view
BACL: Category I - Very Good  
Height: 29.5 in. at wither and hips
Weight: 128 lbs.
Hip Ratings:
OFA Good
PennHip: R: 0.37, L: 0.33;
85th percentile
Elbows: Clear
Cerf: passed, 2004
vW: normal
OFA Thyroid: normal, 2003
Temperament: friendly and outgoing
Bite: scissor bite, complete
Bone: medium
Movement: excellent, powerful and free
Coat: excellent in length, texture, and color
Eyes: good shape, medium brown

Yoshka is a very sound and balanced Leonberger. He is enough massive and has many qualities that are sometimes missing in some of the bigger males. For example, excellent topline, excellent front (leg/paw positioning in front and back is perfect), strong pasterns and hocks, good tail carriage, as well as free and strong movement from all parts. His coat is as perfect as it comes.

His back hand angulation could be a little more pronounced but is still acceptable. His skull should be broader but he has a nice muzzle, tight flews for a male and a very nice expression. For judges comments please take a look at the Show Results site.

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