The Leonberger is a German giant breed that was first mentioned in the mid 1800's when the city council member of Leonberg (a small city close to Stuttgart), Heinrich Essig, decided to create a dog breed that would be associated with his home town. After the breed was practically wiped out during the first world war, two fanciers of the Leonberger, Karl Stadelmann and Otto Josenhans, set out to reestablish the breed and created the first studbook, that has been continuously updated till today.
Information on the Leonberger in general and in particular the Leonberger in the US.
So you decided the Leonberger is the right breed for you and now you are looking for a Leonberger puppy. I put together a bunch of articles and links to help you in your quest.
Canine Health in the Leonberger is a very important subject for me personally and I believe everybody should get involved!
Leonberger Links:
The Leonberger breed is safeguarded by the Leonberger Club of America in the US and by the Leonberger Union internationally. Of course there are many more Leonberger links out there, some of them can be found here....
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