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Yoshka has many non Leonberger Friends, but some are more special. This is Hanna, the bouncing Great Dane. The two get to play together once a week since he was just about one year old. Thats about when this picture was taken...

This is the best of the best of Yoshka and Hannah - it captures all the fun they have together...


I believe a Leonberger, as a working dog, has to be athletic, active, and strong. Yoshka proves he is just that, every week in his match up with Hannah.

I took another role of film of Yoshka chasing Hannah and some of these are even better than the previous set.....
Sophie has become one of Yoshka's best friends since Jeff and Julia moved back to Palo Alto. Lots of cute pictures of those two....
Max, the mutt, used to live around the corner and we would walk three times a week together and meet at the park to play. Too bad he had to move away...
Leonbergers are sometimes mistaken for Tibetian Mastiffs - but not for black TMs like Gypsy is one.

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