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Yoshka, unlike Basie, is a very easy photo model. One tells him to stand stay, sit stay, or down stay and hope for a dog or squirrel to go by and one gets an attentive looking dog. "Tasia", the name of Yoshka's true love, is another way to get his ears perked up and very cute look on his face.

Yoshka lying in the flowers over in Fremont where Nancy always takes her boys

Yoshka is the official google.com dog. He went with Urs to work for 5.5 month while I had to be in Europe. Everybody loves him there and the "green belt" around the office provide a great place to take pictures.....
A true side view of Yoshka, you might have seen it from a different link before....
The fur is flying after a bath, on the one hand he looks 20 pounds lighter because the undercoat is gone, on the other had he looks soo fluffy....
There is almost nothing as fun for a Leonberger as the beach.... I love to take pictures at the beach and here you find a collection of some nice once
Yoshka went to Tahoe in the fall with no snow - some nice sunset pictures...

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