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Three generations of Leonberger, all decendents of
Eva v. Wasserturm and Ingo Löwe v. Württemberg.

This site includes some really nice and fun pictures, it is worth spending some time with it. I am sure it will grow over time even larger. For more Leo pictures but without Yoshka or Basie in them please go to the Photo Gallery

The larger San Francisco Bay Area has a very dedicated group of Leonberger fanciers that get together frequently to share their love for their dogs and the breed. Quite a few are closely related but that is of course no prerequisite to join the fun.
The Stanford Campus has been the location of many get-togethers. Here an outing in the rain where the leashes of the "Bergers" have been temporarily given to the "Burghers"
Jeannie's backyard is another frequently used location for meetings. This is one of my favorate pictures, it reminds me of an Victorian Family portrait..... (unfortunately the lighting is not great).
The neighborhood gang - Yoshka with the other guys, buddy Donner, as well as Nancy's boys, Montana and Tucker. Buca was not even planed yet ;-).
Yoshka with his father Bär (A Bär vom Pflaumenthal). PJ Stalteri took this picture and I think it is just magnificent...
The new kid on the block, Audubon, is introduced to the older guys. Yoshka took quite some time to warm up to him ;-)
There are friends and then there are very special friends. In Yoshka's case Elsa is a very special friend.
P.S. Jeannies back yard is also great for taking pictures ;-)
Taking pictures of dogs is not always easy, especially several Leonberger at once. This is maybe the best photograph I was able to take so far: The three PhotoBergers: Elsa, Yoshka, and Donner
Another get together at Jeannie's place, this time with a scare crow and a bunch of pumpkins
The beach - the best play ground for any Leonberger - in this case Yoshka with Elsa....
In this case Elsa and Yoshka are posing as babysitters for Dante, he seems to be quite secure in that position....
Birdie is Yoshka's new black and tan Leo-Friend
Another great morning at the beach!!!!


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