Our Dogs


Yoshka: Working Dog

Nothing in the world will get you closer to your dog than working with him or her in a positive and fun manner. The connection I have with Yoshka is primarily based on the fact that I worked with him on obedience and tricks all his life.

Working with your dog does not only keep your dog in shape and well trained but keeps you in shape and creates a unique understanding within your pack of two.

We started with puppy training and Yoshka shined in his class. I got hooked on how fun it was to not only train my dog but actually communicate and see him "get" it and get exited about it. We never overdid it. I was firm in having him do what I asked to but always kept it light and fun. While I was proud that he earned his Companion Dog Excellent title (CDX) and that he won High in Trial at the 2003 specialty, my main satisfaction was that he liked working with me, I liked working with him AND in every day life I had a very well trained dog. Go out, work with your dogs - it is so worth it and you will never regret it! For pictures of Yoshka working go to Yoshka Working Photo Gallery