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The Girls: Annie


Arnica Anniea ex Horto Leonis

Sire: VLA CH Billy the Hund v. Pflaumenthal CDX
Dam: Demia v. Eichbüel
DOB: 1. April 2005


See Annie's photo album.

Right from the beginning, Annie looked like she would be a promising Annie's head as a puppyLeonberger female. She had a nice solid head (a little bulldog head right when she was born ;-), a really nice black mask and a solid body. Her new owners had lived with a Leonberger female for over 10 yrs before and were open to keep her intact for possible breeding plans. While developing into a very nice looking girl with good hips and elbows, she unfortunately did not pass her Thyroid test and that ended our breeding plans. Nevertheless, Hypothyroidism is easily treatable, she is a very sweet laid back girl and very much loved by her owners.