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The Girls: Basie

BasieBaronessa v. Pflaumenthal

Sire: A Bär v. Pflaumenthal
Dam: Bianca v. Nagoldtal
DOB: 23. October 1997
DOD: 5. December 2007

See Basie's photo album.


Basie was truly a "Turbo Berger" with lots of energy, very athletic, loves to run and play with all kind of dogs. In fact, I never seen her not liking another dog. Everybody gets poked in their side as a invitation to play.

Basie is Yoshka's litter mate. They were growing up together and developed a very special relationship. Until they were about 4 yrs old, I, in one way or another, would partly take care of Basie and the two would play endless hours and crash sleeping together. In exchange I had her breeding rights for one or two litters. This was my first try at becoming a breeder. While Basie is a nice looking dog, I decided that she did not have the perfect Leonberger temperament that I think is so important in breeding. Not too long ago she developed bone cancer and one leg had to be amputated. She survived a year and a half with a high quality of life and celebrated her 10th birthday on October 23rd 2007. Even at the age of 10 years she had almost no gray hair! In December 2007 we had to say good bye to her, the cancer had spread afterall. We will miss this energetic, sweet girl!