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Yoshka's Show Results: Elkgrove 2001

The 2001 summer specialty of the NCLC. Yoshka placed third in the Champion Class. The judge said he just did not have the substance the first two placed had. Nevertheless, she really liked him and emphazised his strong points in the writeup.

Judge: Kerri Campbell (LCA)

Overall Impression Sweet, overall masculin male. German type, showing strong impression. {3.5 yrs}
Coat Excellent coat, straight, long, well coated
Head Correct proportioned, correct for body type, could use more bulk. Excellent mask, slightly broken up to eyes. Wonderful expression
Bite, Mouth Correct dentition, scissors bite.
Eyes Nice brown eyes, tight fit lids, correct position for head type
Ears Correct position, nice feathering
Chest Strong, roomy, well sprung ribs. Chest still needs to drop more ...
Front Angulation Correct front angulation, excellent bone, strong pastern, ...
Back Angulation Correct angulation, nice hacks, good thigh, correct croup, excellent stance.
Shoulders/Neck Excellent strong shoulders, strong withers, excellent strong neck.
Top Line Strong, level
Tail Just below hack, excellent broom feather
Movement Good reach, drive. Very nice kick, fluid. Excellent movement, correct strong, parallel back, excellent front movement
Temperament Wonderful presentation, easy going, sweet, wanting to please.
Overall Rating Excellent