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Yoshka's Show Results: Calusa 2000


The second time Yoshka takes BOB at the regional show. The judge loved him very much and was especially taken by his feet. I always knew those nice round paws were one of his best confirmation points ;-)

Unfortunately, he blew his obedience performance - again.


Judge: Christina Huffell (AKC)

Overall Impression strong, handsome type male, lovely color, good bone & substance; in his prime; well arched toes {36 month}
Coat excellent quality, texture & length, good breeches & feathering
Head excellent, dark mask, good skull, excellent stop, muzzle lovely shape
Bite, Mouth scissors bite, complete dentition.
Eyes med. brown eye, lids could be a bit tighter
Ears set well, good length
Chest well shaped deep chest, strong
Front Angulation moderate in balance w/rear
Back Angulation moderate in balance w/ front
Shoulders/Neck proper length of neck, shoulders a bit wide, well layed on
Top Line excellent level - slightly sloping croup
Tail tail could be set a little higher, tail adequate length - could be longer
Movement free, very good in the rear, just of parallel in front
Temperament excellent
Overall Rating Excellent, BOB