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Yoshka's Show Results: Calusa 1999

The first time Yoshka (handled by Elsa's mom, Lisa Stalteri) takes BOB with his litter mate Basie taking Best of Opposite. All of this happened on their birthday!

Unfortunately, he blew his obedience performance—well, such is life.

Judge: Christina Huffell (AKC)

Overall Impression Nice Breed type, good size bone, balanced [24 month]
Coat Profuse, close fitting, good undercoat
Head Well-proportioned to body, nice arch on skull, nice length of muzzle
Bite, Mouth Healthy, strong teeth, bite ok
Eyes Well set, oval, pleasing color and expression
Ears Set well, fleshy, good feathering
Chest Broad, deep
Front Angulation Straight legs, long upper arm, well-muscled, good pasterns
Back Angulation Thigh strong and well-muscled, hanks strong
Shoulders/Neck Elbows fit close, medium length neck, well-placed
Top Line Strong-muscled, level
Tail Good extension of spine, good length and coat
Movement Free, easy, confident
Temperament Outgoing, friendly
Overall Rating Excellent, BOB