ex Horto Leonis’ A-Litter

A-litter ex Horto Leonis

Sire: VLA CH Billy the Hund v. Pflaumenthal CDX
Dam: Demia v. Eichbüel
DOB: 1. April 2005


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When I brought Demia with me from Switzerland (Leonberger v. Eichbüel), I did not specifically have Yoshka in mind as a breeding partner but after looking for a mate, he was as well suited as any other to breed with her. Demia has a very short heat cycle (goes into heat every 3 - 4 months) and I was not sure if we would have puppies at all.

While having only two puppies can be frustrating for a breeder, we embraced our duo and had a fabulous time raising the two girls until they went to their new homes.

On April 1st a litter of two girls (one 450g the other 550g) were born. It was my first litter. Together with Susan's family we raised the two girls and had a lot of fun with with.

Nala lives with Anouk, another Leonberger, close by and is a true Turbo-Berger. Very sweet temperament and a little accident prone because she is so exuberant. Annie (see Annie's Page) lives north of San Francisco; as the bigger one of the two she is more layed back and grew up becoming a beautiful female looking very similar and is some respects even better than her mother. Unfortunately, she developed Hypothyroidism so original plans to breed her had to be put asside. She did have her hips evaluated OFA Good and passed the elbow x-rays.