Yoshka’s Litters: Seelöwen’s F-Litter

Seelöwen’s F-Litter See Seelöwen’s F-Litter's photo album.

Sire: VLA CH Billy the Hund v. Pflaumenthal CDX
Dam: Bölelejonet Vanity Vandela
DOB: 11. July 2007

We are keeping our eyes on two of the puppies to possibly becoming breeding dogs. Two others are in the SF Bay Area so I will hopefully see them grow up to a long and happy life.

This breeding was a long time coming. Sierra, the mother of the puppies, needed a breeding exception because of a missing tooth and because she only comes into heat once a year we waited 2 years for it. Finally, a healthy litter of five was born, two boys and three girls. I went up to Canada to see the puppies with 6.5 weeks and took a bunch of pictures. The breeder is a good friend of mine (Seelöwen Kennel) and a visit was long overdue. There is nothing better than a pack of six weeks old puppies and a perfect setting in the Pacific Northwest.