Yoshka’s Litters

There have been 3 breedings so far with Yoshka. I have lots of pictures of two and only a couple of the third one. Yoshka has not been in high demand for breeding purposes. Partly it has to do with geographical location (very few local breeders), partly with the fact that his head should be more masculine with a broader skull. Unfortnately a lot of his positive characteristics have been overlooked by breeders.

While not the biggest and bulkiest male around, Yoshka exhibits many qualities breeders might look for in a stud.

To my surprise, his semen at almost 10yrs of age had still 90% mobility and 70% after being chilled for a couple of days. I have several straws frozen so there are possibilities for more breedings in the future.

Only time will tell how his offspring will do. I do hope for longevity, Yoshka's father lived to be almost 11yrs of age, his mother died with almost 9yrs. At least two out of five litter mates are still alive with 10yrs. He has had numeral half siblings that lived to be over 10yrs of age, one I know is over 12yrs old. I keep my fingers crossed for Dayna et al., Annie, Nala, Sabel, BlauBear, Beatrix, Bosco and Yellow Girl Fredrike.