Yoshka’s Litters: ex Horto Leonis’ A-Litter

ex Horto Leonis’ A-Litter See ex Horto Leonis’ A-Litter's photo album.


Sire: VLA CH Billy the Hund v. Pflaumenthal CDX
Dam: Demia v. Eichbüel
DOB: 1. April 2005


When I brought Demia back from Switzerland, I did not specifically wanted a breeding mate for Yoshka but I did have him in the back of my mind: maybe - possibly they would complement each other. There was no overlap in the pedigrees and for most part, they made up for each others weaknesses and doubled up on some of each others strengths.

Demia has a very short heat cycle and I was worried she might not take at all but after 60days, two very sweet girls were born...