Looking for a Puppy?


General Info

How cute they are, but be aware!

Looking for the right puppy (Leonberger or not) starts and ends with looking for the right breeder. You need to make sure that you find a breeder you feel comfortable with, that you trust. You should agree on critical questions, and you need to be able to rely on the breeder for the rest of your puppies life.

You are going to invite a living being into your house for maybe over a decade. Thorough research will not guarantee but increase the chances of a happy outcome.

In general, a responsible and conciencious breeder should not expect to make profit from breeding and selling their puppies. Breeding dogs is a hobby, and more often than not, when done well it costs money. This is especially true when the breeders spends lots of time with the puppies as well as maintains a high quality welping and puppy location. When a hobby breeder becomes a comercial breeder, they step over a dangerous line and too many litters bred in a kennel dimishes the quality time spent rasing the puppies.

NEVER buy a puppy from a pet store, a pet broker, a pet internet site or from someone who claims being a friend a the breeder somewhere who knows where....

But, how does one recognize the serious, dedicated hobby breeder? Below are a list of resources everybody should go through to feel confident to find the right breeder for them!

asdfg Should it really be a Leonberger?
Are you sure that the Leonberger is the right breed for you? Read this page to make sure.
asdfg Become a member of the Breedclub >
Once you are sure the Leonberger is the right breed for you -- become involved and be patient! Become a member of the LCA, talk to as many LCA people as possible ( breeders and non breeders), meet as many Leonbergers as possible in person.
adgf Puppy Seeker Article >
In this "Puppy Seeker" article I tried to give some guidelines that might be helpful. You can also find a more LCA/leonberger specific version at the LCA webpage.
asdfg Humane Scociety >
Everybody who is looking for a puppy should read this information from the Humane society. There is also a page on buying a puppy!
asdg Choosing the right breeder >
Border Collie Rescue has a great page on "How to choose a Breeder", please read it carefully! And another site about finding quality puppies and reputable breeders.
sdfg Ask the hard questions >
Be prepared to ask lots of hard questions and get lost of answers....
sdfg Long distance buying >
Long-distance buying has become routine, a Border Collie Breeder talks about it. Please, never buy long distance from someone you do not have independent information on.